How To Buy A Bible- Bible Buying Guide

How to buy a Bible

Are you looking to buy your first Bible or to add to your already existing collection? There are many options out there and you may end up not knowing the exact Bible to buy.
Do not worry. In this guide, I have demystified the process of buying a Bible for you, making it as simple as possible.
To start with, the Bible you end up buying depends strongly on why you want the Bible- if it is your first Bible or simply an addition to your existing collection. Other reasons with strong influence include if you are a new one because the old one is worn out, or because of size, fashion, cover material and portability among others. Let’s get started!


Size is a factor you should consider while buying a Bible and there are reasons for this. The bigger a Bible is, the more likely that it has a larger print size that you will find easy to read without the use of glasses. The size also determines if it is portable. There is a reason why study Bibles are usually large. Yes, they contain more features but they were never designed with the aim for you to carry around.
If you want a Bible you want to carry around during your daily activities or on the go, you should consider the KJV Pocket Bible.

Print Size

Print size is another factor you should consider especially if you are visually impaired or use glasses to read. You may want to opt for a Bible with a large print like our Large Print KJV Bible. If you do not mind the print, feel free to choose any Bible from our catalogue. But one thing that’s worth noting is a Bible with a large print is quite large.

Version or Translation

Currently, there are many versions of the Bible available in print. The most notable versions include the King James Version, Revised Standard Version, Contemporary English Version, Good News Version, etc.
The King James Version is the most recommended version for Believers to own because it retains the original meaning of the original texts as much as possible.
If you want versions that are easier to read and understand, versions like the Good News, Contemporary English Version and Revised Standard Version are the best options. These versions are also a great fit for older children and teens.


If you are buying a Bible, you must consider the age. Easy-to-read versions like the Good News and Contemporary English Version are good for older children, teens and young adults. For younger children below the age of 10, purchasing an illustrated Children’s Bible is a great fit.


Are you fashionable? Or maybe a fashion freak even? Of course, there is no harm in showing your personality through your Bible. One way to do this is to through the colour of your Bibles. Our store features Bibles of different colours including White, Black, Blue, and Brown. One way is to use a Bible with a textured cover. Check out our Jeans Zippered Bible, you would love it!

Cover Material

Depending on your preferences and who wants to use the Bible, the cover material is worth considering.
Cover Material of Bibles in our catalogue includes:
Leather: The most durable option
Paperback: Less durable than the hardcover because it can easily get folded or destroyed by water. However, they are cheaper than the Hardcover
Hardcover: They are usually cheaper than their leather counterparts but they are not resistant to water spills although they do better than the paperback.
Jeans: Very beautiful cover material, durable and gives off the sign of good fashion sense.

Thumb Index

The thumb index is a set of lettered grooves cut down the side of a Bible that makes it easy to locate any Book in the bible. If you find yourself struggling to locate certain books in the Bible, consider purchasing the Thumb Index Bible.
PS: This Bible is not allowed in Draw Your Sword competitions but that’s no problem lol

Study Bible

If you are a preacher or want to study the Bible more in-depth, you should go for a study Bible. The Preacher’s Bible is a must-have for preachers and can be a perfect gift for your Pastor. However, it is not only for pastors but for every Believer who wants to be grounded in God.
The Study Bible for teens is also another great option for younger people as it communicates in a very simple language. Bible Basics is another option, although it is not a Bible, it is a tool that helps you study the Bible better. It contains Biblical references on different topics.

I hope you enjoyed this Bible Buying Guide. If you need to buy a Bible and you are located in Nigeria, be sure to visit our Bible Store to order your Bibles. Feel free to contact us if you have more questions.

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