1000 Windows (A Speaker’s Sourcebook of illustrations)


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1000 Windows (A Speaker’s Source book of illustrations) by Robert C Shannon is a must have book for preachers, speakers, teachers, writers and orators. This book contains 1000 illustrations on over 300 topics.

“A sermon without illustrations is like a house without windows and similitudes are the best windows which give the best light.” In this book, you’ll find all the illustrations and similitudes you need!

Why should you buy 1000 Windows?

  1. Make your speech or sermon better with illustrations that help your audience or congregation understand better
  2. This book helps you capture the attention of your attention so you can pass your message across effectively
  3. Informs you of historical events that are worth learning from
  4. Makes your ‘dull’ topic interesting
  5. Your sermons and speech becomes memorable. Your audience will remember for many years
  6. It helps you “make men see” Ephesians 3:9
  7. Helps you prepare for a talk on any topic!
  8. You become an artist! Now you can bring any picture into the mind of your listeners
  9. You become well versed in different areas of knowledge.


  • 1000 illustrations on over 300 topics
  • Extensive, crosss-referenced index and index to scriptures
  • Topics arranged alphabetically
  • Easy to read and use
  • Sources includes the realms of history, famous people, sports, values, Bible truths and many more.
  • 287 pages

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