Broken Promises, Blinded Dreams: Taking Charge of Your Destiny by Reggie White


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“It’s time to go to the next level as a nation and as an African-American community. Therefore, we must expose those things that hinder our progress, uncover the weaknesses of our present assumptions, and embrace the power of our unique character and stunning achievement.”




You know Reggie White the NFL All-American Hall of Famer. Now meet Reggie White the statesman, community activist, entrepreneur, and uncompromising Christian voice. Like a prophet crying in the wilderness of political and ethical confusion, Reggie’s voice rises above the din of the self-seeking and self aggrandizement that have characterized so many of today’s leaders. With the boldness of a true champion, he calls the African-American community and the nation back to the forgotten dreams and broken promises of genuine economic, political, and moral liberty.


In Broken Promises, Blinded Dreams, Rev. White addresses:

  • The failure of political leaders, such as Jesse Jackson, to live up to the trust invested in them by the Black community
  • Economic equality
  • Failures of integration and affirmative action

The failure of Church leaders to stand tall for their conviction


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