Lessons For A Super Mom



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Find the secret of Super Mom’s strength.


oms know how busy life can be-with all of the diaper changing, laundry. folding hand holding, dish-washing, tear wiping and everything else that goes into each day. Motherhood may appear to be à job for those with miraculous powers but even wonderwomen can sometimes feel tired… lonely….not-so-super.


Lessons for a SuperMom is for busy mothers liv ing life in the trenches. Lighthearted, humorous, and occasionally poignant devotions share the encouraging message of God’s everyday, every way presence-putting the hard work and mun dane chores into a heavenly perspective. Read on and you may find that washing dishes is just as holy as preaching sermons!


As a mother of nine, author Helen Widger Middlebrooke knows her subject well-and offers these uplifting, inspiring essays to point you to the true Source of a SuperMom’s strength.


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