The Good Steward

A steward can be likened to a manager. A manager oversees on behalf of someone a role of leadership and followership. Although he or she has authority, they work for the owner and are therefore a servant.

God has called us to be His stewards. He has placed us in a position of leadership and followership. We lead those who He has placed under our care while heeding to God’s own instructions.

To be good stewards, we need to possess some qualities!

Qualities Of a Good Steward

  1. Faithful
  2. Obedience
  3. Mindful of Jesus’ return
  4. He is a caretaker
  5. Recognition of the fact that he has authority only because of the master

Biblical Examples of Good Stewards

  1. Joseph. Gen 39:1-9
  2. Parable of talents. Matt 25:14-30
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