Bible Basics- Foundations of Faith


The ultimate topical Bible guide useful for personal study and sermon preparation.

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Bible Basics by John Lee is a handy tool to help you study and gain insights to the word of God. Its rich content makes it suitable for personal study and for sermon preparation.

This topical Bible guide is not reserved only for preachers but for every Bible reader.

The answers to life’s greatest mysteries can all be found in a single book-the world’s all-time bestseller-the Bible. But sometimes just the thought of piercing those answers together from the Bible’s 31,000 verses can see more daunting than a giant jigsaw puzzle. Where do you start? Discovering Truth- Bible Basics makes it simple!

Presented in a user friendly manner, you can discover instantly what the Bible says about:

  • Love and forgiveness
  • Salvation
  • Prayer
  • Faith
  • How to succeed with people
  • How to find the will of God
  • Overcoming troubles and temptations
  • Comfort in times of crisis
  • The Endtime
  • Christian service
  • Or 200 other topics covered in the Bible

It’s not a replacement for the Bible, however, it is a tool to help you study your Bible properly.

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