What Is In Thine Hand?

what is in thine hand

There’s is a specific tool God has given every one of us per assignment, year or month. The question is do we know what it is yet?
Jesus and the loaf of bread
Jesus and the wine miracle at the wedding

  1. Focus or interact with the giver
    Moses focused on the burning bush
    The secret woman whose sons were to be enslaved
  2. Be sincere, surrender all
    Moses told God he wanted Exo 4:1
    Hezekiah took the letters from Assyria to God 2 Kings 4:2
  3. The giver will show you the tool
    Exo 4:2
    Your tool is already in your hands, could be your smile, your caring, your intercessory prayers
    Moses, the rod
    Widow, that jar of oil
    The lad and 5 fishes
  4. He shows us how to use it, directions

Prayer points

Thank God because of what He has placed in your hands
Help us realise what is in our hands

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